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Bitlocker Mount Script

July 08, 2021 — Jake G

Recently had a power-failure reboot my Windows host into a bad driver update that had been festering for weeks-- and poisoned my backups. As a result, my Linux Mint partition received a field promotion to Captain. It has performed admirably, and I can see no reason to revert my workstation back to Win-- I'll just have to build a sidecar system to act as an appliance for certain games and creative applications.

I'll come back to that later this weekend with the harrowing tale of how I spelunked into a proprietary backup image to pull and mount my WSL's ext4.vhdx drive file.

ANYWAY. We're here to talk about Bitlocker.


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Top-Tracks (Last 7 Days)

June 07, 2021 — Jake G

Last.fm keeps a playlist of the "Top Tracks" of the last 7 days (most played). The sources for this data include Spotify, Plex, and local media players (MC27, Clementine, etc.), as well as pseudo-manual scrobbles from vinyl scrobbler.

Aggregating these tracks into a single playlist on a popular platform for sharing would be neat.


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moop tape 1

June 05, 2021 — Jake G

I used to make mixtapes. I still do. But I used to too.


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Thumbsup Static Photo Galleries

June 05, 2021 — Jake G

Instagram sucks. Flickr got crappy quick. Gone are those halcyon days of simple image galleries devoid of likes, comments, and endless attempts at monetization. But I got some really cute photos to share-- what's a human to do?


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June 03, 2021 — Jake G

ordered a grab-bag of white label electro/dnb on ebay


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Hello Bashblog!

June 03, 2021 — Jake G

so here's some scratch on re-ordering bashblog posts since it uses file timestamps rather than HTML/MD metadata.


Tags: bashblog, time, unix

Neovim on Windows [the resurrection]

January 27, 2020 — Jake G

This is a guide for setting up Neovim in Windows with plugins for doing Python development. While most of the time I'll be working in WSL using a similar Neovim setup there, I thought it be handy to have approximation of the config in Windows.


Tags: vim, neovim, editors, windows