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Random Plex Movie

June 27, 2022 — Jake G

I have a datahoarding problem and it's gotten to the point where despite having mountains of media I have no idea what to watch when it comes down to it. I'm always a fan of shuffling collections for exploration, so I thought it'd be handy to generate a simple method of picking a random movie as a suggestion to watch, consider, and potentially reshuffle the deck.

The Plex API is pretty straightforward, though responding in XML as opposed to JSON for its requests. To authenticate with the API, you use the same token your Plex instance is using. The steps for obtaining the token can be found here.


Tags: python, api, plex

Bitlocker Mount Script

July 08, 2021 — Jake G

Recently had a power-failure reboot my Windows host into a bad driver update that had been festering for weeks-- and poisoned my backups. As a result, my Linux Mint partition received a field promotion to Captain. It has performed admirably, and I can see no reason to revert my workstation back to Win-- I'll just have to build a sidecar system to act as an appliance for certain games and creative applications.

I'll come back to that later this weekend with the harrowing tale of how I spelunked into a proprietary backup image to pull and mount my WSL's ext4.vhdx drive file.

ANYWAY. We're here to talk about Bitlocker.


Tags: linux, unix, cli, bitlocker, encryption, scripts, recovery

Top-Tracks (Last 7 Days)

June 07, 2021 — Jake G

Last.fm keeps a playlist of the "Top Tracks" of the last 7 days (most played). The sources for this data include Spotify, Plex, and local media players (MC27, Clementine, etc.), as well as pseudo-manual scrobbles from vinyl scrobbler.

Aggregating these tracks into a single playlist on a popular platform for sharing would be neat.


Tags: music, spotify

moop tape 1

June 05, 2021 — Jake G

I used to make mixtapes. I still do. But I used to too.


Tags: music, mixcloud, moop

Thumbsup Static Photo Galleries

June 05, 2021 — Jake G

Instagram sucks. Flickr got crappy quick. Gone are those halcyon days of simple image galleries devoid of likes, comments, and endless attempts at monetization. But I got some really cute photos to share-- what's a human to do?


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June 03, 2021 — Jake G

ordered a grab-bag of white label electro/dnb on ebay


Tags: music, records

Hello Bashblog!

June 03, 2021 — Jake G

so here's some scratch on re-ordering bashblog posts since it uses file timestamps rather than HTML/MD metadata.


Tags: bashblog, time, unix

Neovim on Windows [the resurrection]

January 27, 2020 — Jake G

This is a guide for setting up Neovim in Windows with plugins for doing Python development. While most of the time I'll be working in WSL using a similar Neovim setup there, I thought it be handy to have approximation of the config in Windows.


Tags: vim, neovim, editors, windows